Writing emails

In a world dominated by electronic communicating devices such as SMS, instant messaging, whatsapp it would seems that emails are a thing of bygone times. However, email is still a very powerful means of transmitting information. In fact 2.8 million emails are sent every second, although about 90% is just spam or viruses.

Provbably you are very familiar with emails and have use this technology a lot, nevertheless there are a few things you have to bear in mind when writing and sending an email and we hare going to have a look at them:

This is the most common look of an email

Email parts

Even if you have used email before it is important that become aware of the importance of its differents parts:

Subject: It is more important than the email itself, it should be focused, clear and informative.

Greeting: The greeting helps creating a friendly tone. The use of one type of greeting or other will depend on the level of formality (see below).

Opening Sentence: You should start by clearly informing about the purpose of your message.

Closing Sentence:

Ending: End the message in a polite way. Againg the ending you ujse depends on the level of formality.


Formal and Informal writing style

One of the most important considerations when you send a written message in English is to determine the writing style that is required. Sending a written message will always involve either a formal or informal style of writing depending on who is the person you are writing to.

Usually formal writing is less personal and more objective than informal writing. The two styles differ basically in the way we use words to express what we want to say but also in the way we address the person we will send the message to.

You will find more information about the differences between Formal and Informal styles when writing letters and emails in the documents below:

You can also watch the two videos below in which you will learn how to use both styles when writing letters and emails:

Formal & Informal letters and emails 1

Formal  informal letters and emails 2

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