3.en.59 Viral videos and “the fun theory campaign”

Do you remember last year post about subway stairs being transformed into a real life piano key board? By now you all know how beautiful the Stockholm underground is and how Swedish rely on public transport much more than we do, so it will not bother you to go up the stairs once again, will it? Now that you have your own Stockholm street map you can spot the Tunelbana station, Odenplan, where the experiment took place.

Well, the experiment was part of  campaign of a publicity agency,  DDB Stockholm. Though the campaign was promoted by Volkswagen, it aimed at promoting how changing lazy behaviour is not that difficult  and claimed that  discovering the fun side of acting responsibly could be rewarding.  Probably Volkswagen wanted to  associate its brand with  the idea of environmentally friendly cars.

  • Do you think it worked?

In this kind of publicity, the brand name, Wolkswagen is subtle, it just appears at the end of the video as VW logo.

  • Can you think of any other campaigns where the brand name or the product being advertised is also difficult to spot?
  • Do you know what a viral is?
  • Do you recycle bottles? Can you think of a way to make it fun?

Well, this experiment took place in Stockholm too and this is what happened?

  • How many people used the new bottle bank in one night?
  • How many people used the average containers?

Finally, the agency launched a contest to make people contribute to their fun theory with new ideas.

This was the idea that won the contest. Let’s see what you think about it. Have you got any bright ideas yourselves?

  • Do you think fun can change behaviour for the better?
  • How does the speed camera lottery work?
  • Did the  speed camera lottery make drivers slow down?


Post your answers and comment to the blog for Friday 18th