1.en.3. Practice your listening skills: take a walk on an urban orchard

Emili posted a power point on sustainable cities with some links in Catalan, Spanish and English to trigger discussion about the topic we shall be working on this year.

The links to the videos did not work properly, so I will upload the videos again and prepare some questions for you. The questions will help you understand better what you hear.


Listen to the video a couple of times. Before listening look at the questions and at the phonemic transcription of the words in bold. it will help you recognize them when you hear them.

Pay attention to the pronunciation of the following words, you know the sounds, we learnt them last year.

orchard /’ɔ:rtʃərd /                 /tʃ/

Ark /ɑ:rk /                         /k /

arch /ɑ:rtʃ /                   /tʃ/

shed /ʃed/                    /

pear /peəʳ/                      //

Now let’s see if you can answer the following questions:

1) How long has the urban orchard been going on?

2) When will it close?

3) Did you see any fish in the pond? what colour?

4)What kind of fruits were there in the growing wall?

5) where do tomatoes grow, inside a shed or outside?

6) what are seed bombs?

7) How many types of apples can you find in the orchard? 4? 14? 40?

8) How many types of pears?

9) tick the fruits that can be found in the orchard

lemons, cherries, quinces, plums, bananas, peaches, kiwis

10) When will  the apples be ready for picking?

Post the answers to the blog. Remember, once a classmate finds the correct answer, there is no need to repeat it. Everyone must copy the answers in their notebook.