3.en. 99 Miquel Àngel and Lovepreet presenting to 1st Year ESO students their work on sustainability and Green Cities

Thanks to Jaume Salvà, who recorded this video, you’ll be able to see  how much all of you have improved this year. This video has not been edited.  Jaume Salvà went to 1st ESO  class and recorded Lovepreet and Miquel Àngel , who talked to first year students aboout what they had been doing in their English lessons . Despite being recorded without interruptions and with no editing, this video shows how good and fluent their English is. They both  prepared it at very short notice, without any help, they were able to answer questions put to them and did a great job. So, this just an example of why they deserve a good  mark in English. All of you have passed, which means that though there are differences among the group, all of you have improved a lot. Keep it up and don’t let your English go rusty.

2.en.42. Kristianstad, Sweden, a fossil fuel free city.

In our previous post we commented on how an efficient public transport network is an indicator of sustainability. In this video, we are going to reflect on sustainability in terms of energy.

  1. Where is Kristianstad situated?
  2. How has Kristianstad managed to avoid using fossil fuels?
  3. How is electricity generated in Kristianstad?
  4. How are the houses heated?
  5. What kind of fuel do vehicles use instead of gasoline?
  6. What is the slaughterhouse waste used for?
  7. How long does the waste take to ferment in the biogas plant?
  8. What do they use in Kristianstad instead of coal?
  9. Check you understand the following words. All of them appear in the video: pump, heat, turbine, boiler, landfill, sewage, waste, household, wood chips, renewable, garbage, pipes,
  10. What is  household organic waste used for?
  11. Check Stockholm website. Are there similar initiatives in the capital of Sweden?


Homework: Post your answers to the blog by Friday 21st and copy them in your notebook.


2.en.40 Stockholm 2010 European Green Capital

This year we set off talking about sustainability and about a  European city, Stockholm, that during 2010 was given the award of European Green Capital.

In this web page you can find out some of the aspects that were taken into acount to give Stockholm this award.

Why is Stockholm called the Venice of the north?

Watch this video and find out some of the good things about being a European Green Capital.

tNow, having a map of Stockholm in your hands, walk around Stockholm and look for the city landmarks in your map.