2.en.50 From “Boy” to some biographical data about Roald Dahl

Today we did a short dictation, the opening lines of the chapter “homesickness” from Boy. You did pretty well and I have already received a recording from Claudia. Well done! I’M IMPRESSED.  Claudia does not procrastinate. However, Claudia, check  the syllable where the stress of the word develop falls in  and  you might also check the word appendicitis.

Claudia’s recording.

Unfortunately,we  cannot publish audio files from Aviary in castigate2. Go to Saps què te dic, 2.en.61 and you’ll be able to listen to some of your calssmates recordings: Emil, Sara and Daryl

Anyway, I found in slide share a very useful presentation about Roald Dahl. It does not include information about who the author of the power point presentation is but it will help you learn something about the author of “boy”

Now, Check his website and listen to Dahl talking about how he creates his characters.

Homework Thursday 10th

Remember that recordings of the dictation are due on Wednesday

  1. Which of the quotes did you like best?
  2. Have you read other books by Roald Dahl other than “Boy”?
  3. Have you seen any film versions?
  4. Did you like the ilustrations?
  5. Visit his web site, check Dahl’s  photagraph album and post to the blog a pic you liked. All of them have got a caption that explains when and where the photo was taken and who is in the photograph.
  6. listen to Roald  Dahl talking about how he creates his characters. You can read the transcript as you listen to him. What does he say?
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2.en.47 Checking spelling and homophones: accuracy

Let’s see if we manage to use our whiteboard tools to correct the spelling mistakes in Roald Dahl’s letter to his mum.


Correct the mistakes in the following letters. Post the corrections to the blog and copy them in your notebook. Start by correcting one sentence each. Do not repeat the ones your classmates have already corrected. We shall look at them together in class.

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