3.en.67 Taylor’s rap

I have just received Taylor’s contribution to our class rap craze. Some of you have also sent your versions to the blog. Remember to check past tenses. I made some comments to your posts.

The next step will be to memorise your customised rap and prepare a nice coreography. I’ve been told that Sara and some other students have been working hard on that. Next week you’ll present it to the group and we’ll record you.

Those of you who have not finished yours or who might want to improve it, you can get some help from rhyming on line dictionaries. There are many, but here follows a link to one of them: Rhyme Zone

When I was one, I learned how to smile

When I was two, I ran my first mile

When I was three, I climbed the tallest mountain

When I was four, I swam in the Trevi Fountain

When I was five, I made my own candles

When I was six, I rode a bike with no handles

When I was seven, I joined a herd of elephants

When I was eight, I was elected state delegate

When I was nine, I earned my first million

When I was ten, I became a Spanish citizen!


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3.en.63 Xilin’s acrostic the first one to arrive and a rap to inspire you

The first acrostic to reach the blog was Xilin’s. So he deserves the award. Congratulations to him!







When you clean the teeth, turn off the tap.
Another tip, is clean the fruits and the vegetables in a bowl.
Take a shower instead of a bath.
Everybody must take shorter showers.
Run your clothes washer and dishwasher only when they are full.

Xilin’s Acrostic does not rhyme, does it?

What about rhythm? Try to read it aloud.

In English scoohols most kids have tried to use this rap by Michael Rosen, a poet who writes poetry for kids, and adapt it. Writing variations of this rap can be fun. Let’s see what you think of it. Look at these two different videos. The first one has no music and the second one is a musical parody of Michael Rosen’s rap.

Look at the lyrics, and notice the 10 verbs in past tense. Will  you give it a try and make your own version? You can do it in groups and work out a coreography to present it to the class.

Do you like the way he does it?

What about Jay Sean’s version?


You may think I’m happy, you may hink I’m sad,
You may think I’m crazy, you may think I’m mad,
But hang on to your seats and listen right here
I’m gonna tell you little something that will burn your ear.

Hip, hop
A hip, hop, hap
I’m giving you all the
Michael Rosen Rap
Hip, hop
A hip, hop, hap
I’m giving you all
the Michael Rosen Rap

I was born on the 7th of May
I remember very well that awful day
I was in my mother, curled up tight
Though I have to say it was as dark as night.
Nothing to do, didn’t want to breathe,
I was so happy didn’t want to leave

Then I heard some people give a shout:
“One push, Mrs
. Rosen, and he‘ll be  out!”
I’m tellin’ you all that was a puzzle to me–
I shouted out–
“How’d you know I’m a “
The doctor shouted–
“Good Lord,
he can talk!”
I popped out my head and said,
“Watch me walk.”
I juked and jived around that room,
Balam bam boola, balam de ditty boom

(Repeat chorus)

When I was one, I swam the English Channel
When I was two, I
ate a soapy flannel
When I was three, I started getting thinner
When I was four, I
ate the dog’s dinner,
When I was five, I
was in a band playing drums
When I was six, I ate a bag of plums
When I was seven, I robbed a bank with my sister
When I was eight, I
became Prime Minister
When I was nine, I closed all the schools
When I was ten, they made me
King of the Fools.

So that’s what I am, that’s what I’ll be
an M, with an I, with a K, with an E.
That’s what I am, that’s what I’ll be
Mr. Mike, Mr. Michael, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Me

A hip, hop, hap
I’m giving you all the
Michael Rosen Rap

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