3.en.90 There are great detectives in our group: the mysterious link between Ladyghost and David Lozano revealed

Congratulations, Lovepreet, Tatiana  and also Sara you have been the first ones to find the hidden link. They met at the book fair, but… hadn’t you noticed they both are from Zaragoza? I followed your link and here is the evidence.

I think you should write a comment in Ladyghost’s blog telling her that you’ve met David Lozano too. I wonder why they both like stories set in the underworld.


3.en.88 The Phantom and Ladyghost: visit a fascinating site

Will you end up as skeptic as the Otis when it come to ghosts?

 Maybe after reading the Phantom of the Opera you will change your mind. Well, to add a little bit of suspense and intrigue to your reading, I have a challenge for you. I’ve just discovered a Ladyghost who is a Phantom of the Opera fan. This ladyghost is very good at new technologies and has an awesome  site. You can choose whether to travel to the past and find out amazing stuff about the author , the legend, the Opera house  and many more themes related with the book  or you might prefer to stay in the present and discover …well, I will not tell you and let you investigate yourself.  Are you a good detective?

The decision you make in this page will take you to the past or to the present. However, unless you get trapped in the Opera cellars, you can always go back . Click here and you’ll be transported to Ladyghost’s kingdom.

Homework Friday 20th:  Three tasks you have to do to prepare your Phantom of the Opera  Exam . These tasks have to be done before Friday.

  • You must browse the site and find an interesting piece of information. Take note about where you found it (which part of the site) and what you found interesting about it.
  • Also, find out who the person behind the name and the nick”Lady ghost” is. I bet you’ll be surprised. I will give you a hint: David Lozano has something in common with Ladyghost.  
  • Well, I will tell you no further, But once you have discovered it. Sign in Ladyghost’s guest book and explain what you liked about the site and the piece ot information that trapped your interest. 
  • As usual, post your comments to the blog.