3.en.74 Recent news from PS22: your comments have crossed the ocean!

You might not be top notch at  studying irregular verbs, but you are quite good at communicating the things you like. Your comments to PS22 blog are on the blogosphere.  Here is fresh  evidence:

Well, you see, the problem about the Internet being so fast is to follow track. I’ve checked the blog and it seems Sunday concert in NY was a success. There are new videos and new pics.

Let’s see who is the first one to take up the challenge…

  • Can you find a review of last Sunday PP22 concert in the press of NY?

the first one to find it, post it to the blog. S/he will get a free bonus = 5 irregular verbs for free! even if you do not know how to spell the past tense of the verb to write correctly, I shall not take it into account.

It is not bad deal, isn’t it?

If you manage to do it really fast, I will stretch my offer to 7… or

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3.en.71 Some irregular verbs for the weekend

This morning, while you were in your PE class, I started marking your papers and discovered that irregualr verbs are not your strong point. On Monday you’ll have the opportunity to take a mini test on irregular verbs to put up with your poor results today. Here follow some videos to help you get a ten  out of ten in the irregular verb exam.

These first four videos incorporate the  pronunciation of verbs. Repeat them aloud.

Now let’s move to the next three sets . THIS TIME A BIT FASTER.


Finally, no sound this time but images to help you remember the meaning of the verbs.

  • In order to correct the phonetic question of the exam on the pronunciation of past endings, I recommend you to watch carefully this great video by Linguaspectrum. You will understand
  • the difference between voiced and voiceless sounds
  • when to pronounce /t/ or /d/
  • when to pronounce /id/


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