2.en.44 We’ve been strolling in Stockholm for a while, so it’s about time for a “fika”

It is time to take a break to have a fika. Fika is the traditional Swedish coffee break. It consists of a coffee and a cake. Among the most popular cakes, let’s have a look at the kannenbules.
A kanelbulle is a cinnamon bun, studded with cardamon, glazed with a sweet syrup and pearled sugar sprinkled over it.
Let’s follow the search for the ULTIMATE KANELBULLE. Watch the video and answer the following questions:
Look at the word list below,  you might need to knowthem in order to understand the video. Check the ones you do not know in the dictionary before watching it.

dough; tasty; juicy; dry; spicy; flavour; bakery; moisty;good looking;fragrant

Criteria to evaluate the kanelbulle:
Texture (soft, dry, juicy)
Cinnamon flavour

Now, watch the video and answer the questions:


Complete the table with the information given in the video.

Places visited bad aspects
strong aspects
1 Tully’s 

2 Bästa bageriet 

3 Wayne’s 

4 Seven eleven 

5 Blooms 

6 Saturnus 

Match the following sentences about buns and places with the place (1 to 6) where they are heard in the video.
A) which place closes at one o’clock on Saturdays
B) not too much syrup
C) It’s a bit dry
D) it tastes of cinnamon
E) it’s a bit stale
F) it’s just OK
G) it does not taste so fresh
H) it’s kind of ok but….nothing special
I) it’s cheap
J) which place is away from the tourist trail?
K) enough X factor to star in Mamma mia

Give the teacher some feedback:

Do you feel you tube videos and comprehension activities  connected with them help your English get better? Choose among the following answers  and add any comments on how to improve listening exercises.


yes, a lot; quite a lot; a bit; not much; nothing.

Homework: Post your comments to the blog Tuesday 25th January

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2.en.42 Majorcan traditional food and Mallorca Daily Photo Blog

Magdalena, your Catalan teacher, will talk to you about slow food and local products. Thanks to our friend Klaus, we can keep track of Mallorcan traditions and read his inspiring blog written in excellent English.

Magdalena will probably mention a beautiful exhibition in Son Boter. In Mallorca Daily Photo Blog, you can read about this variety of paprika grown in our island and used to make sobrasada.

Enjoy Klaus’ beautiful pic and read the text. The post was made the 23rd September 2010. After reading the text, answer the questions and post your comments to the blog.

  1. Could you find many imported products in local markets 25 years ago?
  2. When was the time to harvest the pebre bord?
  3. Why did farmers string the peppers onto long strings of thread?
  4. Why did some Majorcan farmers stop growing and selling the local paprika?
  5. What was Son Boter in the past?
  6. Who was a famous artist that used Son Boter as his studio?
  7. Which new words did you learn by reading this article?

Homework: post your comments to the blog for Monday 23rd

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