1.en.8 Whatever Taylor is like, it’ll be fine. “Nobody’s perfect”, isn’t it?

Today we learnt that films do not have the same title in every country. Films such as “Avatar” keep the original title everywhere, but others are totally different when they are translated to another language and you cannot really find any relation with the original one.

  1. Why?
  2. Can you think of any good reason for not keeping the original title?
  3. Can you translate a title and keep its catchy effect?
  4. Can you think of English films with a totally different title in Spanish or Catalan?
  5. Can you think of any other films where the main characters are men disguised as women or women disguised as men?

Homework: post your answers to the blog

Today you asked me about Taylor.  You wanted to know whether Taylor is a boy or a girl. Well, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. While we wait for Taylor, you must look for information about Connecticut, the place where Taylor is from.

Whatever Taylor will be, it shall be fine, I’m positive about that. I’ve already met Taylor and I know what I’m talking about. Trust me. “Nobody’s perfect” but Taylor will be perfect, you’ll see.

Homework: Watch the ending of the film again and answer the following questions. Post you comments to the blog and copy them in you notebook

  1. How was the  title translated  in Spanish?
  2. How was the title translated  in Catalan?
  3. Did you find the ending funny?
  4. What are the arguments Jack Lemmon  (Jerry) uses to try to convince Osgood not to  marry him?
  5. Where is the action set?
  6. What is going on at the back of the boat between Marilyn (Sugar Kane)  and Toni Curtis (Joe)?
  7. Think of an adjective, (other than funny), to describe the ending.
  8. Would you like to see the whole film?