3.en.90 There are great detectives in our group: the mysterious link between Ladyghost and David Lozano revealed

Congratulations, Lovepreet, Tatiana  and also Sara you have been the first ones to find the hidden link. They met at the book fair, but… hadn’t you noticed they both are from Zaragoza? I followed your link and here is the evidence.

I think you should write a comment in Ladyghost’s blog telling her that you’ve met David Lozano too. I wonder why they both like stories set in the underworld.

3.en.60 Meeting David Lozano

This morning, your group together with first year students had the opportunity to meet face to face David Lozano, the author of the gripping book you are reading with Emili in your Spanish lessons, “Donde surgen las sombras”. In English class we have tried to find out more about the authors you are reading. For instance, we visisted Roald Dahl web site to know what inspired him to write his books or to have a closer look at what the author behind the story is like. You all said you had enjoyed it, didn’t you?

However,  nothing compared with meeting the author in real life and,  from what I saw and from the questions you asked, I guess you enjoyed David Lozano’s talk very much.

We had previously talked in English class about the English words he uses in his book: nick, password, CPU, enter. We had also commented on some of the American/English writers that appear in Donde surgen las Sombras. In his talk, he comfirmed that they had been part of his influences.

Anyway, here you can see a pic of your group, together with first year students.

Send your comments about David Lozano’s talk to the blog. You can visit David’s blog here

  • What surprised you most?
  • Did you expect him to be like this?
  • What did you like best about the things he said?