3.en.73 Poems from Jilin, Pep Toni, Idaira, Aina and…

I  knew there were some poets hidden in our group. Xilin set off with a good acrostic, moved to a rhythmic rap and today he surprises us with new verses: haikus, Limericks and Cinquains. Great!

I have to admit that Jilin’s verses made me forget his poor result in the irregular verb test.

Have a Look at Xilin’s contribution. I know there will be more surprises… let’s see who’s next.

Why don’t you try to record yourself reading them. Also, it might be nice to look for  an inspiring image to illustrate them.

Insects growing legs,
Soon they will be jumping out.
Jumping up for joy.


There was a new student named J- Foncker
Who loved nothing more than soccer.
All through baseball,
He’d catch a ball-
Well, it wouldn’t fit in his locker!


Gathering food
Mouth puffed with lots of food
Birds are always laughing


By Jilin Ye

Pep Toni, another participant in the poetry race:

A baby mouse small
As a penny falls upon
An elephant’s back.

There was a young poem from Nepal
Who dreamed every night of St Paul:
He would step up to a cat
Wearing his scarf and a hat
And hit a home run past the wall.

Furry mammal
Hunting the day for food
Loving sunshine every journey

by Pep Toni Font

It’s Idaira’s turn

Bright-colored parrot
Calling to me so sweetly
Smiling for the sun.

There was a new student name Croker
Who needed nothing more than soccer
All through the hall,
He’d cath a ball
Well, it wouldn’t fit in his locker!

Gathering food
Head puffed with lots of food
Kids are always laughing

by Idaira

Aina’s very much in tune with Nature

A old birch tree stands
I’ts white bark peels off in strips
Letters to the earth

Nothings faster than a cheetah
In a rush it’d surely beat ya’
As hard as you’d try
To make your feet fly
By the end of the day it’d eat Velveeta!

Prickly and green
Hoping for rain to come
reaching spiny spikes to the sky

by Aina Tous

3.en.62 “Water for the cities” 2011 theme on Water day

Water Day was celebrated last Tuesday,  the 22nd of March. In English , we are  watching a film set in one of the biggest cities in the world, Mumbai. Improving  sanitation facilities and  water supply are some of the challenges that urban development faces. In the film you could catch a glance of what living conditions and sanitation services are like in the slums of Mumbai. Watch the video and listen to the message by the UN Deputy Secretary-General. Then, answer the questions and complete the gaps with the missing information.

Why is“water for cities” the motto of 2011 water day?

Every month _____________ (1)million people move to cities of the developing World

By the year 2030 the urban population will have ________ (2)from what it was at the beginning of this century.

More than____________(3)of urban dwellers lack pipe water

What are some of the consequences of lack of access to water? tick in the list the ones that are not mentioned

  1. Sickness
  2. Workers cannot work
  3. People drink more alcohol
  4. Women drop  out of school
  5. Women are molested when carrying water
  6. Men are molested when they look for water
  7. Poor people have to buy water at high prices
  8. Bottled water is sold by governments

Do you remember acrostics from last year. Look at this one, made by some students from Heights Elementary School: A few tips for saving water.

Why don’t you try to write one yourself?

Now, let’s look at another video. Remember we talked about publicity? The video talks about water day but what is the video advertising?

Homework: Post your comments to the blog for Monday the 28th

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