Class diary


23rd November, Aina Tous wrote:

Today in class Pepe did his article presentation. Then we sit in groups and we explained our family anecdotes, later one person of the group chose an history and told it to all the class. Finally we started with the book, but we didn’t have time.
The Monday we will have an exam.

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22nd November, Philline Vicente wrote:

Today, at the beginning of the class, Miguel Angel did his newspaper article presentation, he talked about how the sales of some productes increased thanks to Twitter.  After that, with our book we heard a interview of a man talking about his family and family roots, then we did an exercise about arranging some questions for an interview we did with the person next to us.

Our homework for the next class is to ask to our family any anecdotes from the past.

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20th November, Jilin Ye wrote:

Today, at the beginning of the class, Mr Sánchez has commented the subjects that can appear on the exam that we will have the next  Monday.  Then, we heard Sarah’s article presentation. Her article was from El Pais ,and was about the panda and its origin. Later, Sara also did a presentation about an  article that she has chosen from The Independent. Her article is about the saga “Twilight”.
At the end of the lesson, we did the exercise 2 from the page 8.
Today we learnt new words such as: werewolf, inherited, relatives and to take after.
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19th November 2012, Àngel Blanch wrote:

Today in the english lesson we did two oral expositions, one angel and the other one pilar. They talked about two things: one direction (a music band) and Terry Henry (a soccer player). Than we talked about the meaning of identity and what was going to be the small article of the new book explain.

We read the article and we talked about origens and ancesters. And the most of the class didn’t knew very much about their ones. We also did two short exercises about the text. At the end we debated a little bit.

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6th November 2012 Sarah Borràs wrote:

Today at class, we started searching at the blog how to find the list of names for the newspaper’s presentation. Then we talked about how to write an article, with different clues also at the blog and some instructions to make it easy.

Later we made some groups of four to reach the conclusion of what things we have to evaluate in the different advertisements. After a few minutes we made a list in common to evaluate these things.

To finish we heard the presentation of the articles of Emil and Tatiana. Emil’s article was about an error of a catalan police and Tatiana’s article about what happened in New York recently.

We have no homework for the next class on Thursday. We are going to watch the advertisements and comment them.

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5th November 2012 Sara Bouza wrote:

Today Mr Sanchez starts revising the questions of Iqbal Quadir. Then we made grups and we summarize the talk of Ignasi Carreras. For finish Jilin present an article of The Guardian about smoking.

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