1.en.6 A piece of news: A new British expedition to the South Pole

We have been talking about newspapers for some time now, so it is (high) time we started looking at newspapers articles.

This year the 100th anniversary of Robert F. Scott expedition to the South Pole and although it was only partly successful a famous British adventurer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has decided to organise a new expedition to the South Pole to commemorate the centenary.  This was disclosed to the public last month and the news appeared in newspapers all over the world (I learnt about it on Spanish TV).

Look at the two photos. Could you say who is who?

Here you are four articles that appeared in several online newspapers at the end of September:

1. Read the article that your teacher has given you and select the 10 pieces of information that you consider essential in order to retell the story. Copy a grid similar to the one below in your notebook and fill it with the 10 details:

                                                 Information Grid

2. Now, together with the people who has read the same article try to agree on what are the most relevant details. Then write a summary of the story in your notebook.

3. Sit in small groups with people who read articles from different newspapers. Compare the headlines: are they similar? Then, read your summary aloud to your group and listen to other people’s summaries: Are there any differences or similarities between your summary and the other summaries? What are these? Could you tell the reason why?


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