1.en.1 News from Rodrigo Deus. Will he become as famous as Rudy Fernández?

Dear 3rd ESO students, 

Castigate 2 is on stand by, but we still get some news from people who were with us. Today,  we all got a very nice message from Rodrigo Deus.  Most of you probably remember how, 3 years ago,  he introduced himself  in 1st ESO, don’t you? Just click here, 

I searched our old  blog and found a very young Rodrigo (he was already very tall) . That was 3 years ago!! follow the link and you will see how much he’s changed. However, he has never given up his hobby. He loved basket and was very good at it. That is the reason for leaving our school and not being with us this year.  The first time he appeared next to a basketball star was in our blog. Do you remember?

We wish him the very best and hope he drops in sometimes to tell us how he is doing. Rodrigo, Thanks for remembering us and good luck in your new school!