3.en.98 Sofía’s site to boost your English during summer

Hi everyone,

This will be my last post . It  aims at helping you fix what you have learnt throughout this year and help you find your way in the information maze.

Next year you will probably have no blog, or a new one altogether. It is also possible that you’ll be using a textbook. Everything has got advantages and disadvantages. A traditional book keeps a fixed and closed inventory of items. In most books, grammar topics are  presented separately in each unit. This year, we have covered all the grammar topics you are expected to know in 2nd ESO. Sofía, an English teacher from our school,has built an excellent site with on line materials to complement your blog materials. Here you will find what we did during our lessons this year  in a more structured way. I am sure you will have no problems doing the exercises and I recommend you to spend about one hour a week (it is not much, isn’t it?) revising 2nd Year ESO contents. Your English will improve and you will set off next year  in a better shape.

Click here to check it

This is the table of contents of Sofia’s site for 2nd ESO. If you download it and print it, you can use it to keep a record of the exercises you do. Put it in your notebook and use it to complete your weekly diary

She has also  prepared this template to keep track of your summer work. Start from the very beginning.DO NOT PROCRASTINATE

Download it and start writing your diary. There is a short space for you to write a few lines every week. Bring it next year, your new teacher will appreciate getting to know something about you.

In short, I will also publish a table of contents grouped by topics to help you find your way in this long, never ending and enless growing  blog “CASTIGATE 2”, so as to help you not to get lost in the maze.


it has been a pleasure being your teacher. (most of the times) 🙂 

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