3.en.100 End of the year outing

Looking back or looking forward?

Dear students,

About a year ago, we celebrated the end of school at Sa Riera. It was also a very warm day and you all ended up  totally wet and  playing in the fountain. Well, this year we were not so lucky and had to put up with the heat sitting under the shade of the olive trees. Fist year ESO students were also with us. In case you want to see how much you have changed, check Castígate.  So do not look back but look forward but don’t forget the times we spent together.

This year, some students from last year group, Carlos Garavi, Hao, Joana  and Laura  were also with us. In fact we all are from the same school, aren’t we? you should send these pics to Lucas and to Jose Luis Pelaez.Here are some pics from this year. I wish you the best and, even if I’m not with you next year, I hope to see you around at the Ramon Llull.  Keep up your English and enjoy summer.

First and second year ESO together

Click here to watch the video with some picsSome more pics. 

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