3.en.100 End of the year outing

Looking back or looking forward?

Dear students,

About a year ago, we celebrated the end of school at Sa Riera. It was also a very warm day and you all ended up  totally wet and  playing in the fountain. Well, this year we were not so lucky and had to put up with the heat sitting under the shade of the olive trees. Fist year ESO students were also with us. In case you want to see how much you have changed, check Castígate.  So do not look back but look forward but don’t forget the times we spent together.

This year, some students from last year group, Carlos Garavi, Hao, Joana  and Laura  were also with us. In fact we all are from the same school, aren’t we? you should send these pics to Lucas and to Jose Luis Pelaez.Here are some pics from this year. I wish you the best and, even if I’m not with you next year, I hope to see you around at the Ramon Llull.  Keep up your English and enjoy summer.

First and second year ESO together

Click here to watch the video with some picsSome more pics. 

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3.en. 99 Miquel Àngel and Lovepreet presenting to 1st Year ESO students their work on sustainability and Green Cities

Thanks to Jaume Salvà, who recorded this video, you’ll be able to see  how much all of you have improved this year. This video has not been edited.  Jaume Salvà went to 1st ESO  class and recorded Lovepreet and Miquel Àngel , who talked to first year students aboout what they had been doing in their English lessons . Despite being recorded without interruptions and with no editing, this video shows how good and fluent their English is. They both  prepared it at very short notice, without any help, they were able to answer questions put to them and did a great job. So, this just an example of why they deserve a good  mark in English. All of you have passed, which means that though there are differences among the group, all of you have improved a lot. Keep it up and don’t let your English go rusty.

3.en.98 Sofía’s site to boost your English during summer

Hi everyone,

This will be my last post . It  aims at helping you fix what you have learnt throughout this year and help you find your way in the information maze.

Next year you will probably have no blog, or a new one altogether. It is also possible that you’ll be using a textbook. Everything has got advantages and disadvantages. A traditional book keeps a fixed and closed inventory of items. In most books, grammar topics are  presented separately in each unit. This year, we have covered all the grammar topics you are expected to know in 2nd ESO. Sofía, an English teacher from our school,has built an excellent site with on line materials to complement your blog materials. Here you will find what we did during our lessons this year  in a more structured way. I am sure you will have no problems doing the exercises and I recommend you to spend about one hour a week (it is not much, isn’t it?) revising 2nd Year ESO contents. Your English will improve and you will set off next year  in a better shape.

Click here to check it

This is the table of contents of Sofia’s site for 2nd ESO. If you download it and print it, you can use it to keep a record of the exercises you do. Put it in your notebook and use it to complete your weekly diary

She has also  prepared this template to keep track of your summer work. Start from the very beginning.DO NOT PROCRASTINATE

Download it and start writing your diary. There is a short space for you to write a few lines every week. Bring it next year, your new teacher will appreciate getting to know something about you.

In short, I will also publish a table of contents grouped by topics to help you find your way in this long, never ending and enless growing  blog “CASTIGATE 2”, so as to help you not to get lost in the maze.


it has been a pleasure being your teacher. (most of the times) 🙂 

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Bon vespre,

La feina sobre les pel.lícules que hem vist i comentat a classe la fareu des de casa i la penjareu al blog. Aquest cap de setmana podeu tornar a veure Romeo i Julieta(es pot veure per internet)per fer la feina millor. Pensau bé què voleu dir i com ho heu de dir abans de posar-vos a escriure. L’heu de fer abans de dilluns 13-juny)

1. Explica quina de les tres pel.lícules t’ha agradat més i explica per què. Recorda que has d’argumentar totes les afirmacions.

2.1. Quan Romeu ha conegut Julieta a la festa, els seus amics se’n van i el criden perquè els acompany a seguir de gresca i ell diu: Què sap del dolor qui no té cap ferida? A què es refereix Explica-ho.

3.Compara els personatges de Romeo i de Mercutio.

4. Les passes que segueix la història d’amor entre Romeo i Julieta no depenen només de la voluntat d’aquests personatges sinó del Destí. El Destí, segons aquesta obra, condiciona la vida dels humans. Explica-ho , cerca frases a l’obra en què els personatges en parlen directament i copia-les tot dient qui les diu i a quin moment de la història.

5. Creus que a la nostra època un amor pot ser impossible? En quines situacions? Per què?

6. Comenta el que trobis sobre l’obra literària, les pel.lícules (que incouen Cyrano ) , la representació, etc.


Sonets 2nE

Aquí teniu els meravellosos sonets que han escrit els poetes i les poetesses de 2n E. No us els perdeu per res del món!

3.en.97 Tatiana, 2nd ESO E tireless correspondent reporting on class events

Tatiana surely has a hectic life. Last Friday she received a diploma and many books as a price for being  finalist in Fonix. Most probably she celebrated it during the weekend, but on Monday she was on the go again. Here is her excellent newspaper article. If she keeps on working with this energy she’ll get to be more famous than Arianna Huffington. By the way, run a search and find out who Arianna Huffington is. Will Tatiana Daily  take over the Huffington Post in the future? who knows…

Congratulations again, Tatiana!

Tatiana holding the Fonix diploma