3.en.93 Congratulations, Clara, Laura and Tatiana!

The Ramon Llull was classified in three levels in Fonix, an English competition that takes place every year. Tatiana got an excellent result : 6th position in the ranking. In order to understand how well she did, you have to bear in mind that she competed against the best English students of the Balearic Islands. We are very proud of her.

Well, in fact, we are very proud of all the Ramon Llull students who sat the exam. They represented our school in 6 levels and they did really well: María Rey(1st Batx); Emilia Pomar (3rd ESo) and Maria Santos (1st ESO).  We got to the final in three levels and here you can check the final  results.

A great clap for all of them,

Clara Isaurralde, 2nd Batx: 1st position

Laura Villena, 4th ESO: 2nd position 

Tatiana Dieguez, 2nd ESO: 6th position

If you take a close look at results, you will see how near Tatiana was from  the third position.




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2 Respostes to “3.en.93 Congratulations, Clara, Laura and Tatiana!”

  1. Love Says:

    Congratulations Tatiana!

  2. jlny7288 Says:


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