3.en.89 Lorca’s earthquake follow up

I sent everyone a document with  a newspaper article and some tasks dealing with Lorca’s earthquake. We shall be doing them together. This post is to remind you that tomorrow you must bring the document to class.  Print it and include it in your notebook. So far, I have not received any comments, so I wonder whether you’ve opened your mail. Anyway, see you tomorrow and remember that the  dead line for the first five chapters of The Phantom of the Opera is tomorrow too. 

By the way, nobody has found the hidden link between David Lozano and Ladyghost. The first one to find out will get an extra mark.

These are the tasks we started in our last session. Over half of the class forgot to print the document. I hope you will not forget to finish them for next week.

I) Here follow some problem words.

  1. Hazardous= peligroso
  2. Deem= estimar, considerar
  3. Debris= escombros
  4. Tear/tore/torn down= derribar, tirar abajo
  5. To estimate= calcular
  6. Damaged= dañados
  7. Claim= solicitar, reclamar
  8. Tax= impuestos

II) Structure:

A paragraph is a self contained unit. In this newspaper article there are 4 paragraphs. Match them with their content.

a) Government measures

b) Buildings

c) People affected

d) Politicians statements and quotes

III) Now, let’s see if the article answers all “wh” questions? When, Why? Where? What?

When did it appear?

Is it a follow up?

IV) What does the headline refer to?

a) The victims

b) The buildings

c) The government measures

d) Other

V) Who are the people quoted?

a) Politicians

b) Witnesses

c) Experts

d) Other 

VII) Are the sources mentioned?

VIII) Can you sumarize the piece of news in just one paragraph?

IX) Do you think is a good headline? What is missing in the headline?  Why? Why not?

X) You have to choose a headline from the digital edition of El País in English and post it to the blog

24 Respostes to “3.en.89 Lorca’s earthquake follow up”

  1. Love Says:

    YES, that they met in the Feria and he signed her a book.
    Here is the link: http://ladyghost-elviolinnegro.blogspot.com/2009/04/david-lozano-en-la-feria-del-libro-de.html

  2. Love Says:

    María, I think this would be a good piece of news, I give you the link, is in the newspaper of ”EL PAÍS”:

  3. andrea199762 Says:

    María, I think we can talked about this link in class, is in the newspaper of “El País”.

  4. juditell Says:

    Pepe, Guillem and me work in the same article:
    The flying calculator
    Friday Guillem before English class, found his pencil case in Angel’s table, then in his pencil case founded a calculator.
    When nobody ask for the calculator, Guillem ask Zandalie to borrow a black marker, and start to pain the calculator. When Judit saw Guillem painting the calculator said that the calculator was Claudia’s calculator, she said to Claudia that Guillem was painting her calculator.
    Claudia interrupt the class, saiyng that someone robbed the calculator. Then Maria decided to punish Guillem and Pepe the Monday and Guillem to clean the calculator.

  5. miguelinramonllull Says:

    This is my link, they changed the name and the notice that I copied. The last name was: Socialists braced for disastrous election veredict. This is my changed notice link in the web:

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