3.en.86 Poetry “the legs” by Robert Graves

Last year we learnt some nice words and some onomatopoeia didn’t we?


We read them in a fragment of a poem by Robert Graves. Follow the link if you do not know what I’m talking about.

tap, tap, tapping in the rain, Clip, clip, clip……Xof,xof, xof

I bet you remember them.

gurgle, clapoteig, borboteo

Well, now that you know much more English, you are ready to read the whole poem. We’ll recite it together in class. It is an intriguing poem.

Legs… seem to run away… out of control

let’s see if you like it

Difficult words:

rout  (raʊt)
— n
1. an overwhelming defeat
2. a disorderly retreat
3. a noisy rabble


2 Respostes to “3.en.86 Poetry “the legs” by Robert Graves”

  1. Love Says:

    Nice poem, I like it, I never had focused my mind in legs, I think that is a philosophical poem, with nice meaning.

  2. tatidt Says:

    I liked it, it’s interesting to know the point of view of a man “looking” at other legs, only legs.
    I have thought sometimes about how being legs was, because they have the worst part in the life: They are who support us, who takes us everywhere, etc.

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