3.en.82 Easter tasks: the Canterville Ghost and some grammar practice

What do you think of this quote? Oscar Wilde was very witty, so he is a never ending source for quote lovers.

During Easter, you must read a short adaptation of a classic book The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde. The book is a parody of gothic novels but also a humorous picture of the culture clash between a sixteenth-century English ghost and a late nineteenth-century American family.

We’ve been doing lots of work with Onomatopoeia , if you had to produce a sound track for a gothic novel  you’d need to be able to produce...spooky sounds.

wind, especially howling rain, especially blowing
doors grating on rusty hinges sighs, moans, howls, eerie sounds
footsteps approaching clanking chains
lights in abandoned rooms gusts of wind blowing out lights
characters trapped in a room doors suddenly slamming shut
ruins of buildings baying of distant dogs (or wolves?)
thunder and lightning crazed laughter

You can download the text in pdf from hereYou can also read it directly in the site, and do the comprehension question exercises.

The site where this version of the Canterville Ghost is found, English on line grammar 4U,  is also very good to do some revision of verbal tenses and exercises.

I recommend you to do 4 sets of exercises:  simple present, present progressive, simple past and irregular verbs (levels 0,1 and 2). After Easter, we shall start writing short narratives and you cannot make mistakes with these basic tenses.

Post to the blog the time you sit down to do the exercises and feed back on the ones you do. Remember to keep a record of the time it took you to do them.  After Easter there will be a test on the Canterville Ghost. Further information on Oscar Wilde by clicking here.

14 Respostes to “3.en.82 Easter tasks: the Canterville Ghost and some grammar practice”

  1. Love Says:

    I think the qoute says the true, we have to learnt to take the life seriously.
    Maria I think you want to us have nightmares at the night, right?
    Well I think that it will be a good book to read, but looking at the title it seems a bite spooky.

  2. tatidt Says:

    I liked very much the book, but I didn’t understand the end.
    What surprised me the most is that that’s the original version but in English, and I thought it was a joke about the original versions of Oscar Wilde!

  3. sarah789 Says:

    I liked a lot the book, I wanted to read more about this topic of books.

  4. miguelinramonllull Says:

    I liked a lot the book, before read it, I listen something about this history of the Canterville Ghost in ads and in television.

  5. miguelinramonllull Says:

    I took 1 hour to do the exercices.

  6. andrea199762 Says:

    I spend about 1:15 hourto do theexercises.

  7. andrea199762 Says:

    I spend about 1:15 hourto do the exercises.

  8. xiskete Says:

    I took 1:06 hours to do the exercices.

  9. philline Says:

    It took me 1 hour aproximately to do the exercises.

  10. Zandalie Says:

    It took me about one hour to do the exercises.

  11. emil7234 Says:

    It took me about 50 minutes to do the exercises. I like a bit the book, because is very short an there aren’t big excitements. One day I will read the real book.

  12. neusr Says:

    I liked the book.To the the exercices and read the book I took half an hour.

  13. Daryl Jade Says:

    It took me around a hour to make the exercises.

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