3.en.80 First illustrated poems on the blog: Judit and Pep Toni’s

We have spent some lessons working with poems. We started with Acrostics, then with Haikus, Limericks and  Cinquains. Taylor wrote a poem full of onomatopoeias and alliterations and we rapped along with Michael Rosen.

We recited and payed attention to rhythm and rhyme.  We learnt about patterns, and verse combinations. We counted syllables and noticed the stressed and unstressed ones. We looked at the classics (Shakespeare) and at some modern ones (William Carlos Williams). We learnt some poems by heart and tried to memorise  them collaboratively. Much more fun!

We learnt the difference between metaphore and simile and the power of words. We learnt that poetry is not necessarily long and difficult to understand, though it can be so.

We used an on line application to help us get started and some good results came out of it. Now you will decide which poem you’d like to illustrate and learn by heart for San Jordi’s day.

The first two ones to arrive were Judit and Pep Toni’s. They are very nice indeed!

I will open a new google doc presentation for you to upload your illustrated poems. 

  • Tuesday 19th April will be the deadline. 

Here you have the first examples. By Tuesday, I hope everyone will have finished the task.

A new set of poems has just arrived (Monday 18th 20:·30)

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4 Respostes to “3.en.80 First illustrated poems on the blog: Judit and Pep Toni’s”

  1. Love Says:

    I think that they have done a very good job!

  2. juditell Says:

    Maria I did the cinquain poem of the cactus, not Aina

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