3.en.74 Recent news from PS22: your comments have crossed the ocean!

You might not be top notch at  studying irregular verbs, but you are quite good at communicating the things you like. Your comments to PS22 blog are on the blogosphere.  Here is fresh  evidence:

Well, you see, the problem about the Internet being so fast is to follow track. I’ve checked the blog and it seems Sunday concert in NY was a success. There are new videos and new pics.

Let’s see who is the first one to take up the challenge…

  • Can you find a review of last Sunday PP22 concert in the press of NY?

the first one to find it, post it to the blog. S/he will get a free bonus = 5 irregular verbs for free! even if you do not know how to spell the past tense of the verb to write correctly, I shall not take it into account.

It is not bad deal, isn’t it?

If you manage to do it really fast, I will stretch my offer to 7… or

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4 Respostes to “3.en.74 Recent news from PS22: your comments have crossed the ocean!”

  1. tatidt Says:

    That was in one of the Yankees’ webpages: http://yankeessource.com/?p=12289

    • mloredo Says:

      this review is not from Sunday’s concert. Sorry. Keep trying ! you have not gained the irregular verbs bonus, not yet.

  2. Love Says:

    Maria, I have find the link of the review of last sunday, like u have said, PP 22. They celebrate that because the team’s return to baseball, with the song Firework and Imagine.

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