3.en.68 The Spanish Inquisition

In our next exam on Friday, there will be a question about The Rennaissance, an epoch you have been studying in your History lessons with Vicent  In English we spent some time watching some musical videos about who the Rennaisance men were. The video was fun, wasn’t it?

Well, now you are learning new things about King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, The Catholic Monarchs. So, here it is another musical video by historyteachers, this time with music by The Human League.

In Slumdog Millionaire we saw  violent riots between Hindus and Muslims taking place nowadays in India. The more you study about the history of mankind,  the more you might wonder if  religions have been a source of conflict among people.

Watch this video about the Spanish Inquisition and post your opinion in the blog. Do you know what an “act of faith ” was?


3 Respostes to “3.en.68 The Spanish Inquisition”

  1. sarah789 Says:

    I think is very funny, I like it. Yes, was like a judgment in which the suspects of heresy had to renounce their religion and said that they were Christians.

  2. Love Says:

    It is a very funny video, I like it.
    It was like a trial, where the heretics, had to abjure publicly that they were Christians or religion that they practiced, and if they still had suspicions about them were condemned to the stake.

  3. sarabouza12 Says:

    I didn’t like this video, I think is boring. But good for learnt history.

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