3.en.67 Taylor’s rap

I have just received Taylor’s contribution to our class rap craze. Some of you have also sent your versions to the blog. Remember to check past tenses. I made some comments to your posts.

The next step will be to memorise your customised rap and prepare a nice coreography. I’ve been told that Sara and some other students have been working hard on that. Next week you’ll present it to the group and we’ll record you.

Those of you who have not finished yours or who might want to improve it, you can get some help from rhyming on line dictionaries. There are many, but here follows a link to one of them: Rhyme Zone

When I was one, I learned how to smile

When I was two, I ran my first mile

When I was three, I climbed the tallest mountain

When I was four, I swam in the Trevi Fountain

When I was five, I made my own candles

When I was six, I rode a bike with no handles

When I was seven, I joined a herd of elephants

When I was eight, I was elected state delegate

When I was nine, I earned my first million

When I was ten, I became a Spanish citizen!


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Una resposta to “3.en.67 Taylor’s rap”

  1. Love Says:

    Wow! I think that, that it is a great rap.

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