2.en.58 Your last year “teachers for a day” have become video producers

I’m sure all of you remember Alba, Clara, Andreu, Génesis, Marga and many others. Last year they were in 4th year ESO European Sections and you had the opportunity to meeet and interview them.  They are no longer together in the same group as they are currently students of 1st Batxillerat. There are not European Sections in Batxillerat, that is why  your “teachers for a day” from last year are now scattered among 5 different groups, depending on their choice of Batxillerat modality.

Anyway, this year, together with their English teacher, Sergio, they have prepared a great video that aims at presenting our school to English speaking people.  Their video has not been edited by teachers, they have done it all by themselves, and it is really good. I was impressed by the result.

Now, a challenge for you. Sergio’s sudents need some feed back on their work. If  you see them around in the corridors, in the school cafeteria or in Plaza del Tubo tell them that you’ve seen their video and what you think of it. I’m sure they will appreciate it. Post a comment to the blog saying what you liked best about the video. Finally,  as we all know “nobody is perfect” and   everything can be improved, we would like you to contribute:

Do you have any suggestions, something you would have liked to see in the video that was not there?Did you spot any minor pronunciation or spelling mistakes while watching it?

Why don’t you try to make a video  yourselves?

They have already prepared the ground for you,  so what about trying a different point of view, a couple of interviews. Ask Sergio’s students for advice. Your teachers will also be willing to collaborate and help.

11 Respostes to “2.en.58 Your last year “teachers for a day” have become video producers”

  1. Love Says:

    I think that the students of Batxillerato had done a very good job, they have to improve the pronuntiation in some words, and in some spellings mistakes, but well, anyway they have done a very good job, and like that everybody can know something more about his highschool.

  2. aina tous Says:

    The good thing about the video is that the students planned the video and the presentation very well. Some of them pronounce very well and seem very friendly.
    I think the video outside have a bad sound with the traffic and noise, it’s difficult to understand. They can introduce some teachers or some other students interviewing.

  3. pepe1997 Says:

    The good mark of this video are that explain very good the all the things of the “Ramon Llull”.A person that he don’t see the high school he can imagine the high school .And the pronounce are very well.
    The thing that can change is when explain outside and you can’t understand.An other thing is that they can interviewing students and teachers.

  4. philline Says:

    I think that they made a good video, explained very well the important aspects of our high school. They had a good pronunciation but with some spelling mistakes in the subtitles.\

    As Pepe and Aina said, they could have interviewed some teachers.

  5. emil7234 Says:

    It’s very good video and it’s educative, because we can learn more about our school. There were some mistakes in pronunsiation and in the subtitles, that can be improved.
    I want to see the second librery and some classes with the teachers and students. They can interviewe some teachers too.

  6. tatidt Says:

    I liked this video, 1st Bachiller students knows how to make good videos!
    I couldn’t find many pronunciation mistakes but they’ve wrote basketball “bascketball”!

    The could have entered inside the outside library, because it’s part of the Ramon Llull building too!

  7. xiskete Says:

    The good thing is that the video is good it explains very well the highschool and the composition. But they can introduce some things like the interviews, the toilets, the classrooms, the interactive material…And they have some mistakes on the pronuncation like Instituto.

  8. neusr Says:

    I think they did a very good job but I in the video they can show the students, the classrooms, the departements,the toilets…

  9. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    I think is a good job from the students of Batxillerat. The idea of intervew teachers for the video is very good.

  10. idaira Says:

    I think they did a very good job because the music is beautiful and adapt in to the content, the videos of each room are very well structured, but there are some mistakes of the pronunciation and some words for example informatic-computer science.

  11. Peptoni Font Says:

    I enjoyed the video very much and I think the video is original and explain very well.
    The problem is outside it is difficult to listen and at the end there is a part that there is no images or photos and I don’t like this

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