2.en.57 Nice comments on Sheri’s blog and some Swedish music from Jan Johansson

Congratulations to Claudia and Lovepreet, they have been the first ones to post comments to Sheri’s blog. Both of them seemed to have liked her snail shaped poem very much.

I like Claudia’s contribution. She says that in order to read it she has to twist her head  and that it is fun! I had never thought of that.

I look forward to reading your thoughts! click here to contribute

Lovepreet thinks that Sheri has a gift, because she can write nice poems.

I encourage you to try one. What about a forest or a tree poem? or maybe a star one?  In order to help you get some inspiration a bit of music for you.

This morning  I promised I would upload some nice Swedish music to put up with the stress of examination time, didn’t I? so here it goes. Let’s keep the slow snail mood. This music is from a great Swedish jazz  pianist, Jan Johansson. It’s a pity he died very young, in 1968, when he was in his late thirties.

Which one did you like best?

They are versions of traditional Swedish songs.

Did you like them?


18 Respostes to “2.en.57 Nice comments on Sheri’s blog and some Swedish music from Jan Johansson”

  1. Love Says:

    I like the first piano video, it is quite nice.
    I have some spelling mistakes:
    Hi, Sheri I’m Lovepreet a student of 2nd Eso year of Ramon Llull’s highschool.
    Your poems are very nice, amazing, not everybody can write poems such as you did, really I like it very much… You have a gift.
    They are very nice, and thanks!!

  2. sarah789 Says:

    The two songs are very nice, but I like more the second piano video.

  3. tatidt Says:

    I like very much the two of them!

  4. tatidt Says:

    Thanks Lovepreet! Well, I have a little problem.
    In Sherry’s blog I would like to ask somebody a question: It doesn’t put my comment, so can anybody put it for me? In “WordPress” only put “tatidt”. The comment is this one:
    Hi! I’m Tatiana, from Ramon Llull Highschool, like the “others”. I think you already know why I comment, but I can only say that your poetry is, simply, perfect! I love it!
    Thanks you for posting this beautiful poetry, Tati!

    Thanks you! >.<!

  5. Love Says:

    Ok, Tatiana, I will put your comment on Shery’s blog.

  6. aina tous Says:

    ·I like more Bright Stars song, is more joyful.

  7. Peptoni Font Says:

    I like the Bright stars song because is more animated.

  8. idaira Says:

    I like the bright satrs song becaused is beutiful and sweed.

  9. emil7234 Says:

    I like more the second “Bright stars”.

  10. andrea199762 Says:

    ~ I like more Bright Stars song.

  11. xiskete Says:

    – I like more the brigth stars because the tresures of the forest is more repetitive.

  12. neusr Says:

    -the two songs are very good but I prefer the Bright Stars song.

  13. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    I think the two songs are good.

  14. miguelinramonllull Says:

    I like the “Bright Stars”
    Yes, they are very good and beautiful.

  15. jlny7288 Says:

    The two songs are very nice but I prefer the second one “Bright stars” because it is more cheerful and sweet.

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