1.en.35 Dossier for the outing to Lartigue’s exhibition

3rd December 20010 2nd Year ESO E European Sections

Outing to Caixa Forum

Visit to the exhibition of photographs by Jacques Henry Lartigue.

Name: ___________________________________________________________

During the visit to the exhibition. Use the space `provided to take notes and fill in with the information required. Use the back of the dossier to write down details.

a) Biography

  1. When and where was he born?
  2. How old was he when he died’
  3. How would you describe his family background?

b) Childhood memories

  1. Would you say he had a happy childhood? Choose some images to support your answer. Copy the title and the year where the photographs were taken.
  2. What surprised you most about the pictures of his early years’
  3. What kind of toys can you see?
  4. What kind of games did he play?

c) Sporting events

  1. Which sports can you see in the photographs? Name them:

d) Landscapes

  1. what type of landscapes can you see? Choose one of the following categories:
  • Beaches
  • Sea resorts
  • Ski resorts
  • Cities
  • Other:
  1. By looking at the photographs would you say sea resorts popular in the early 1900?
  2. What made them different from popular resorts nowadays?

e) Fashion

  1. What kind of dresses did women wear?
  1. Are most women in the photos elegant wealthy women?

f) Reflecting on what you see

After watching the exhibition, what do you think was Lartigue’s main reason for taking photos. Tick the ones you feel are the best explanation and add any other reasons you might think of.

  1. He wanted to preserve happy moments
  2. He wanted  time to stand still
  3. He wanted to freeze images
  4. He wanted to trap movement in a frozen image
  5. He wanted to keep a recored of the new technological advances.
  6. Do you think Lartiges photos catch aspects of reality that would be invisible for most of us?
  7. Other

g) Task 1

Find a photo were the person/s portrayed is/are not posing

Find a photo you like in which the person/s portrayed are posing

h) Task 2

  1. If you had to choose a set of words to descibe the overall impression the photos had on you, which words would come to your mind? Choose among the list and add any you might think of:
  • Movement
  • Hapiness
  • Lightness
  • Gravity
  • Speed
  • Fun
  • Wealth
  • Sadness
  • Poverty
  • Elegant
  • Youth
  • Quietness
  • Leisure
  • Work
  • Other
  • Old age

Choose a photo that best describes the words you have chosen.

i) Task 3: Past and present

  1. What kind of sports were popular in the early1900’s?
  2. What kind of toys did Lartigue played with when he was a child?
  3. Would you say he had a happy childhood? Support your answer by choosing some photographs. Write down the caption and a short description.

j) Task 4: Stereoscopes and stereographs

There are many stereographs distributed all over the exhibition. Choose the one you liked best and describe it.

Diary. Look at Lartigue’s hanswritten diary. Have you ever kept one?


After the exhibition

In this web site run by the Donation Jacques Henri Lartigue you will find a chronology. of Jacques Henri Lartigue’s life, which has been divided into five different periods.

You will have to visit it to be able to answer the following questions about Lartigue’s life. http://www.lartigue.org/us2/jhlartigue/chronologie/index-c5.html



  1. What was his older brother nickname?
  2. When did he get his first own camera?
  3. How does Lartigue make photographs of “ghosts”? Which technique does he use?
  4. Did he ever live in a palace when he was young?
  5. Jacques was fascinated by planes, who accompanied him on his trips to see test flights of the first airplanes?
  6. When does he start taking panoramic views with a new stereocopic camera?
  7. 1914 is the breakout of world war I. Is Lartigue drafted?
  8. When does he decide to become a painter?
  9. What does he use his race car for during the war?
  10. Who is “Bibi”?



  1. What are the main events in these years?
  2. Who does he marry in these years?



  1. What kind of photos does he take in 1944?
  2. When does he start taking colour shots?
  3. Who does he sell his photos to?
  4. Does he marry again in these years?



  1. Which important museum exhibits his works in the early 60’s?
  2. Which costume designs of a very famous film are inspired by a Lartigue photopgraph of 1911?
  3. Why is 1979 a very important yearfor Lartigue’s work?



  1. What aniverary does Artigue celebrate in 1982?
  2. Where does he die?



  • Did you like the exhibition
  • Did you learn anything by doing the tasks
  • Did the dossier help you reflect on what you saw?
  • Did you find it interesting
  • Suggestions:

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