1.en.23 School outing Anselm Turmeda school orchard

Here you have the questionnaire to prepare Friday outing.


Friday 12th November.

Outing to Anselm Turmeda school orchard.

There are some schools orchards in Palma, we are going to visit Anselm Turmeda school orchard, but there are others such as Son Anglada, that also have one. Son Anglada has as nice web site you can surf before going.Visit Son Anglada school website  and try to answer the following questions. Then , after the visit  we will be able to contrast the information you found in the web site with your real life experience.

This is a link to a beautiful slideshow from the orchard’s blog.

Check the photos before the visit, you might need to look up some words in the dictionary before going. Do you know how to say bledas in English?  Were these pics taken in September? What will the orchard look like now? We’ll have to wait to find out. Remember to take a camera with you.



Questionnaire on the outing to Anselm Turmeda school orchard.

  1. Where is the school?
  2. What is the school like?
  3. How many pupils are there?
  4. Describe the building
  5. Compare the school with your former primary school
  6. How long have they had  the orchard for?
  7. Who takes care of the orchard?
  8. Are all the students involved?
  9. What kind of crops do they grow?
  10. What do they do with the fruit and vegetables they grow?
  11. What happens during vacation time? Who takes care of the orchard?
  12. What  did you like best about this experience?
  13. Would you like to have a school orchard at the Ramon Llull?
  14. Would that be possible?
  15. Vocabulary: These are the new words I’ve learnt
  16. These  are  the questions I asked :

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