1.en.18 Describing personality: building up vocabulary

Last year we learnt how to describe pople’s looks. Remember the post? In case you want to do some revision follow this link.

1.en.16 Describing people: looks in Saps què te dic, 1st ESO E blog

Well, this year we’ll concentrate a bit more on personality and maybe in how looks and personality might be related; a certain expression, the way you smile.

As we have been talking about the Simpsons in recent posts, Here follows a power point presentation I found in Slide share about that famous family. Use the adjectives to describe the personality of its members.

Homework: Friday 29th of October

  • Write a short description of the 5 members of the Simpsons in your notebook
  • Post to the blog 5 new adjectives you have learnt.

23 Respostes to “1.en.18 Describing personality: building up vocabulary”

  1. Peptoni Font Says:

    polite – educado
    rude – grosero
    patient – paciente
    pleasant – agradable
    shy – timido

  2. xiskete Says:

    2- Cheerful= alegre
    stubborn= terca
    selfish= egoistas
    patient= paciente
    polite= ordenado

  3. india16 Says:

    Wavy: ondulado.
    Scar: cicatriz.
    Talkative: hablador.
    Selfish: egoísta, interesado.
    Stubborn: terca

  4. sarah789 Says:

    cheerful: alegre
    loud: ruidoso
    stubborn: obstinado
    kind: amable
    pleasant: agradable

  5. guillemfurio Says:

    rude – grosero
    cheerful: alegre
    stubborn: obstinado
    selfish= egoistas
    loud: ruidoso

  6. philline Says:

    Cheerful: Alegre
    Stubborn: Obstinado
    Rude: Grosero
    Talkative: Hablador
    Pleasent: Agradable

  7. Daryl Jade Says:

    Cheerful – Alegre
    Stubborn – Obstinado
    Rude – Grosero

  8. Daryl Jade Says:

    Mean – Mezquino
    Naughty – Travieso

  9. idaira santana Says:


  10. angelblanchvallespir Says:


  11. aina Says:

    -Shy, tímida
    -Slim, delgado
    -Spiky, punky
    -well-behaved, bien educado
    -Overweight, sobrepeso

  12. emil7234 Says:

    Shy – Tímido
    Polite – Cortés
    Tidy – Ordenado
    Pleasant – Agradable
    Naughty – Travieso
    Rude – Grosero

  13. juditell Says:

    Talkative: hablador
    Rude: grosero
    Selfish: egoísta
    Mean: mezquino
    Pleasant: agradable

  14. andrea199762 Says:

    selfish – egoísta
    naughty – travieso
    lazy – perezoso
    patient – paciente
    brave – valiente

  15. sarabouza12 Says:

    Rude – grosero
    Patient – paciente
    Naughty – travieso
    Polite – cortés
    Stubborn – obstinado

  16. claudiapg Says:

    Rude- mal educado
    Mean- agarrado, tacaño
    Cheerful- alegre
    Kind- amable
    Loud- ruidoso

  17. pepe1997 Says:


  18. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    Shy – Tímido
    Tidy – Ordenado
    Naughty – Travieso
    Lazy – Perezoso
    Cheerful – Alegre

  19. miguelinramonllull Says:

    Cheerful – Alegre
    Shy – Tímido
    Polite – Cortés
    Stubborn – Obstinado
    Naughty – Travieso

  20. jlny7288 Says:

    Cheerful: alegre.
    Selfish: egoísta.
    Stubborn: obstinado.
    Naughty: travieso.
    Kind: amable.

  21. Zandalie Says:

    Shy = tímido.
    Lazy = perezoso.
    Loud = ruidoso.
    Tidy = ordenado.
    Naughty = travieso.

  22. Pilar Says:

    polite – educado
    rude – groseros

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