1.en.15 Bansky in Springfield

I’m sure you remember Bansky,  our last year favourite graffiti artist. Well, this year he comes back to us with the Simpsons. Watch this video and reflect on the statment Bansky makes.

  • child labour
  • working in adverse conditions
  • exploitation that lies beneath the products we consume

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9 Respostes to “1.en.15 Bansky in Springfield”

  1. india16 Says:

    I like the video, but the end is so sad.

  2. Peptoni Font Says:

    It is true, because in China (for examples) many children work, and in this video looks like the animals suffer.
    I liked the video.

  3. mloredo Says:

    I’m glad you did, Peptoni.
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. aina Says:

    I didn’t enjoy the video because it makes me sad to think that there is child labour and exploitation in the world.

  5. andrea199762 Says:

    I didn’t like this video, because it shows they do to children in China. To me, child labor seems very cruel, because I get into the skin of a child of those and I’m very bad.

  6. emil7234 Says:

    It was a good video , but the final was sad .

  7. Daryl Jade Says:

    Poor chinese people. But why do they use animals to make the products?

  8. tatidt Says:

    Wow… That was horrible! Is that true? I can’t watch it again, it’s to… Horrible? I didn’t like it!

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