1.en.11. English exam on Robinson Crusoe

1) Write a short summary of the part of the book you had to act up. Write the title of your part. Include the key words. What happened just before and after your part? (2 marks)

2) Information on the author: Name, place  and date of birth, Where did he get the idea of Robinson Crusoe from? ( 0’50 marks)

3) What is the setting and the genre of the book? Who is the narrator?( 0’50)

4) Where did Robinson build his home on the island? (0’25 marks)

5) What did he build around his home? (0’25 marks)

6) What did he plant? (0’25 marks)

7) What animals did he find in the island? (0’25 marks)

8) In Chapter 9, Robinson meets Friday. Can you explain the circumstances in which the meeting takes place? ( 1 mark)

9) Here follows a description of Friday, but almost everything has been changed. Copy the paragraph and correct it. There are 10 errors. Circle the words you think are not correct. ( 1 mark)

“ I looked at my “ prisoner”. He was a short old man with weak arms and legs. He was about eighty-six years old, I thought. He had an ugly, evil face. He had a big nose and no teeth. He was dressed with leather clothes.”

10) In the next paragraph you will read a description of Robinson and Friday’s meeting. Was their first meeting like this in the book?. Re write it as you remember it was described in the book, make the necessary changes. (1 mark)

“I spoke to him and he came nearer. When he stood in front of me he started to cry, Ishouted. He offered me his hand and I gave him mine. He did not want to be my slave and I made him get on his knees and shouted at him again”

11) Who is Christianus? (0’25 marks)

12) How many years does Robinson spend on the island? (0’25 marks)

13) How does Robinson manage to go back to England? (0’25 marks)

14) Does Robinson return to his island? (0’25 marks)

15) what is your opinion of the relationship betweeen Robinson and Friday?(1 mark)

16) Did you like the ending of the book? Explain (1 mark)


39 Respostes to “1.en.11. English exam on Robinson Crusoe”

  1. neusr Says:

    after three days, I had a idea:perhaps thr mark on the beach was my food.Iwent to the beach and I put my food on but my food was smaller.Iwent back home and I made walls and small windows.
    I did not see another mark on the beach.

  2. neusr Says:

    11)who is Christianus?
    is a spanish person

  3. india16 Says:

    I am afraid
    One day I was walking roud the island and in the beach I found something different.
    I saw a foot mark on the beach, I watched the strange thing and I felt cold. How it is yhis possible? Are there more people in my Island? I was afraid so I went home and I stay there 3 days.
    Before: I forgot about ships and boats. Now I had a farm with good corn, 2 good houses, more than 50 goats…
    After: I was home for 3 days, and I want to make my home stonger.

    1)Daniel Defoe, was born in London, in 1660.
    This book is based on a real person: Alexander Selkirk.
    Selkirk went to sea, he fought with the captain of his ship, the captain left on the island…

  4. Peptoni Font Says:

    Robinson Crusoe plant a seeds for corn in a garden. After some weeks new corn began to come out of the ground and I could make bread.

  5. sarah789 Says:

    2) Information on the author: Name, place and date of birth, Where did he get the idea of Robinson Crusoe from?
    NAME: Daniel Defoe.
    PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: London, 1660.
    The idea caught on Alexander Selkirk.

    • sarah789 Says:

      Sorry when I was writing it was not Lovepreet’s comment.
      4) Where did Robinson build his home on the island?
      In front of the beach, in a hill.

      • sarah789 Says:

        When he woke it was day. The sea was quiet. He hadn’t any tools, guns, foot or knife.
        He made a small boat. He worked for three weeks and eleven journeys between the beach and the ship. Then the storms started again, and he stayed on the island.
        The next morning he could not see the ship.

  6. Peptoni Font Says:

    4)What is the setting and the genre of the book? Who is the narrator?

    The setting is in a island and the genre is adventure.
    The narrator is Robinson Crusoe.

  7. pepe1997 Says:

    3) What is the setting and the genre of the book? Who is the narrator?
    The seting is in a island.
    The genre of the book is intrigue action and drama.
    The narrator is Robinson Crusoe.

  8. pepe1997 Says:

    I finish the hause:
    I lived and sleept in in my tent.I used my cave for my food my water and the parts of my ship.I slept easily.a I wanted to remember the date and I have one idea I writed the date in the groun and the all of the day I mark one line.

  9. pepe1997 Says:

    5) What did he build around his home?
    He bulding a wall araun his hom for the animals and the cannibals mens.

  10. tatidt Says:

    The garden:
    One day, I was walking round my island and I found… A garden! It was full of fruits and vegetables!
    I took some to my house, and I made some dry food for the rainy days.

    6) What did he plant?
    He planted some corn

  11. philline Says:

    I am afraid again:
    I worked in the garden and I saw fire two miles away I ran to the hill and saw nine men seated around the fire dancing without clothes. After an hour the left, I ran to the cave to pick up a arm and when I came back I saw 5 boats with new human bones!

  12. andrea199762 Says:

    7) In the island, find some animals: goat, diferents tips of birds…

  13. andrea199762 Says:

    I also write the story of my exiting and difficult life. Every job took a long time and a lot of hard work. I had to cut down trees with my tools from the ship. I was happy, everything was on a shelf. I had a plane for my days. I slept for two hours because it was very hot. At night I read and I began to write my story.

  14. carlos garaví Says:

    New clothes:

    Robinson crusoe was 4 years in the island he hasn’t got any clothes, he must kill animals for make new clothes, in brazil the sun is very hot, and the people go with unbrellas and he made one for he.

  15. xiskete Says:

    I Build A Boat:
    After another 5 years I tried to make a boat. I cut down a great tree with this I worked on the inside and the outside of the boat about six months. When the boat are good for browse I go to the see, the see and the wind are dangerous and I go to the island again. But where was I? I began to walk after three hours I found my little country house. I was very tired and ready for sleep.

  16. 144lala Says:

    I was born in York city . My father from Germany he went to New York went he was yaung. My first name is Robinson becouse is my mather’s name . Now I am Robinson Crusoe.
    My father underestood the wordl and he loved me.
    One day I became a friend told me that i have if I wanted to go with a ship in the world to see i told him that if to start my new life

  17. aina Says:

    -Crusoe wanted to kill the cannibals, he found a hill where he could see the beach and the bones. There he waited to see..

  18. aina Says:

    8- The cannibals are going to eat friday, and Crusoe helps him to escape.

  19. Daryl Jade Says:

    I walked to a different place of the coast. I saw bones.They were the bones of a man.

  20. emil7234 Says:

    Pol speaks to me.

    I hear my name sometimes and when I got up I saw my parrot. I carried him to my house .
    In 11 years I have more than 50 goats , a farm , a garden and two houses. I made bread , cakes and butter. I was very busy , then my live change , somephing wonderful happened !


    9.“ I looked at my “ prisoner”. He was a long young man with stong arms and legs. He was about 20 years old, I thought . He had a pretty face . He had a smole nose and white teeth.

  21. angelblanchvallespir Says:

    Summary: I LEAVE BRASIL
    -On 1st September 1659, eight years after my first sea journey from Hull, I left Brazil for Africe. First, it was a nice weather but after 12 days there was a great storm. The waves were very strong and one turned the boat that we throw before and one of us shouted: Land!

  22. idaira santana Says:

    I see a boat:
    One day, when I walked to the coast of the island, I saw a boat.
    Perhaps men from other island came to my island for fruit or for goats.

    12) How many years does Robinson spend on the island?
    He was thirty five years

  23. Pilar Says:

    -On my first night at sea there was a heavy storm. I was afraid and I wanted to be at home in York. But there was no storm in the morning, so I forgot about home.
    My friend’s father said “Young man, the sea is not the place dor you”, but I didn’t want to home.

  24. Zandalie Says:

    Summary: I FIND LAND
    The water played with me for a long time. It left me on the beach. I was very weak and ill. My friends were dead, and I was nearly dead, too. That night I slept in a three because I ws afraid of the animals, and the men in this strange place.

  25. alemanymarta Says:

    journy to new coutries.
    I bougth things in London and took them on the ship with me. I soul this things to the people of Guinea, then I came back to England with 300 in my hand.
    I used thin money for a long journy to Brazil, the lve there was good. I had a large sugar farm.
    I planned a journey to come back to Guinea, we wanted slaves for our farms from Africa.

  26. xiskete Says:

    14) Yes he returns to the island in 1694and there are more populated.

  27. jlny7288 Says:

    For fifteen or sixteen months after the cannibal’s visit to my island, I didn’t sleep well.
    On 16th May there was a great storm. I couldn’t sleep. Then I heard a sudden noise and I ran to the hill. I saw a ship. The weather was very bad and the ship has an accident, all the men from the ship died.

  28. sarabouza12 Says:

    I had to look around and find a place for my home. I can see the sea in the north, south, east and west. I can see a lot of birds, I killed one of them with my gun, a lot of birds flew up.

    I think Friday and Robinson are very differents, but the two are good persons. Are not the typical two friends.

  29. juditell Says:

    It rain day and night for two month. The dry fruit is good for me. Is very difficulte for me take fruit, but I had a job in the house, I make things for the kitchen. I’m very sad. Because I have one year in this island

  30. claudiapg Says:

    Robinson Crusoe looked around his island, and began to walk to the west coast. He tought that here lives cannibals.
    On the journey around the island he found birds, and he caught a parrot to his home. Years later the parrot said his name. Too caught a young goat to eat it.

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