1.en.9 World Food Day 16th October. Food waste

World Food Day on the 16th of October aims at raising awareness on fighting hunger and developing responsible attitudes towards food.

How many people could eat just from the food we waste or dump in the garbage?

It’s magazine prepared a quiz  to make us reflect on this issue. Have a look at it and we’ll do it together during our lesson.

Can you think of a good translation of FREEGAN in Spanish or Catalan?

Check this link http://www.sindinero.org/blog/archives/362

Do you think the word “Rebuscadores” is a good one or can you provide a better alternative?

You will be able to watch some videos from the TV programme “Callejeros”  about  food waste.

Then, we’ll watch together this video that gives you some hints on how to be a freegan. Do you think it is a bit ironic? do you think it was made by a real convinced freegan?


For a week, starting on the 16th of October,  keep a record of the amount of food you waste at home.

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4 Respostes to “1.en.9 World Food Day 16th October. Food waste”

  1. sarah789 Says:

    It’s necessary to calculate the money that we spend in the food or all the food that we consume?

    • mloredo Says:

      just the food you waste. For example, bread that gets hard and you throw away, and so on. Food you leave on the plate.

  2. aina Says:

    -A good translation of FREEGAN would be, vagabundo, rodamón and callejero.

  3. 144lala Says:

    One question Maria I need keep a record of the amount of my food you waste at home?

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