1.en.6 Comparatives: more …..than

Last week, during our English lessons we used comparatives a lot.

“A forest, more than trees”

“2nd ESO E , more than  students”

“Sara’s whistling was the best”

Now, we’ll have a closer look at grammar and see how to compare adjectives. There are some rules you must bear in mind.

Look at this excellent power point from grup14  and check if you understand how comparing adjectives works. Take notes in your workbook. Label your notes: grammar, comparatives and also make a reference to the post (1.en.6.) this way you will always know where your notes come from.

Did you find the presentation useful?

We shall do more practice in class and you must have the rules at hand, but now some homework. Before Tuesday the 27th

Go to the post made on the 20th of September by  Vicent Viel, your History teacher: Principals aglomeracions urbanes

and click on the link he gave you:


Make 3 sentences comparing the cities that appear in the chart and post them to the blog. Copy the sentences you post in your notebook too.

Rules for doing this exercise. You cannot repeat a sentence that has previously been posted.

When you mention a city, you must know where the city  is a you must also be able to locate the city in a map.

It will be easier for the first ones to post the comments to the blog, so Hurry up!

Useful terms.

more populated than

most heavily populated

more densely populated than

less populated

the most populated in .. /the least populated in …..

You can compare cities at world level, within a continent or within a country. You can also compare continents.

No excuses for lack of data. If you run out of information to make your three sentences check this other site:


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34 Respostes to “1.en.6 Comparatives: more …..than”

  1. philline Says:

    1. Manila(Philippines) is more populated than Shanghai(China)
    2. Roma(Italy) is less populated than Brasilia(Brazil)
    3. India is more populated than Spain

  2. Peptoni Font Says:

    1. Mexico City (23,400,000) more populated than New York (22,200,000).
    2. Madrid (6,200,000) the most populated in Spain.
    3. Mérida(1,000,000) the least populated in Mexico.

  3. Daryl Says:

    Cebu is more populated than Vancouver
    (2.450.000) Philippines (2.375.000) Canada
    Jilin is more populated than Kuwait city
    (1.890.000) China (1.840.000) Kuwait
    Valencia is more populated than Valencia
    (1.750.000) Venezuela (1.660.000) Spain

  4. xisco Says:

    1. Tokio 34.000.000 more populated than Lima 9.050.000.
    2. New York 22.200.000 is the most populated in United States Of America.
    3. Huai’an 1.000.000 is the least populated of China.

  5. M. Ángel Cabañero Says:

    1)Bombay (India) is more populated than Osaka (Japan).
    2)Sao Paulo (Brazil) is more populated than Paris (France).
    3)Tokyo (Japan) is more populated than Seoul (South Korea).

    • M. Àngel Cabañero Says:

      The adjectives of power point:
      1) I have a lots of gutsy.
      2) I told you, I’m not a zany.
      3) Your family is a loyal servitial of the Real family.
      4) My grandpa is a wise person.

  6. emil Says:

    1. Instanbul is maore populared than Detroit.
    2. Ankara is more heavily populared than Sofia ( Bulgaria ).
    3.Mérida is less populared than Nürnberg.

  7. andrea199762 Says:

    1. Sao Paulo (20.900.000) is more populated than Los Angeles (17.900.000).
    2. Karachi (16.200.000) is the most populated in Pakistan.
    3. Tegucigalpe (1.000.000) is the least populated in Honduras.

  8. india16 Says:

    Osaka ( 16.800.00) is more populated than Jakarta (15.400.000).
    Dacca (13.600.000) is more populated than Chicago (9.850.000).
    Lima (9.050.000) is more populated than Bogotá (8.600.000).

  9. aina Says:

    1.Amsterdam (62,000) is the most populated in Acapulco(718,000)
    2. Kabul (3,586,000)is the most heavily populated in Khulna (856,000)
    3. London(7,557,0009) more densely populated than Paris(2,113,00099)

  10. neus Says:

    Los angeles(17.900.000) is the most populated in New York(22.200.000)
    Amsterdam(1.950.000) is less populated than La habana(2.225.000)
    Buenos Aires(13.300.000)is more populated than Bogotá(8.600.000)

  11. Pepe Says:

    Jilin (china) 1,890,000 is more populated than Shaoxing.
    Buenos Aires 13,300,000 is the most populated in Argentina.
    London 12,400,000 is the most populated in Ingland.

  12. carlos garavi yepez Says:

    1).Bombay is more populated than manila.
    2).Bogotá is more populated than San francisco.
    3).Singapur is more populated than atenas.

  13. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    – Dallas is more populated than Vancouver.
    – Sofia is more populated than Ocklahoma City.
    – Montevideo is more populated than New Orleands.

  14. Sarah Borras Says:

    1) Shangai (18.400.000) is more populed than Los Angeles (17.900.000).
    2) Quanzhou (2.200.000) is more populed than Cincinnati (2.175.000).
    3) Nagoya (8.350.000) is more populed than Cennai (8.200.000)

  15. angelblanch Says:

    1)Palma is more populated than is more populated Maó.
    2)Shangai is more populated than Madrid.
    3)Tokyo is more populated than Jijón.

  16. Claudia Says:

    London (12,400,000)is more populated than Berlin (4,325,000)
    Mexico (23,400,000)is more populated than Buenos Aires (13,300,000)
    New York(22,200,000) is more populated than Chicago(9,850,000)

  17. Sara Says:

    Recife(3.900.000) is more populated than Cincinnati
    Shangai (18.400.000) is more populated than London (12.400.000)
    Khulna (856.000) is more populated than Acapulco(718.000)

  18. emil7234 Says:

    I choose real , interesting , unique and optimistic.

    The friendship is not real.
    Everiphing that tolk Vicent in Social is interesting.
    The childhood is unique.
    I´m not optimist.

  19. idaira13 Says:

    1.Tokio(12,989,000)is more populated than London(12,400,000)
    2.Paris(2,215,000)is more populated than Cincinnati(2,175,000)
    3.Chicago(9,850,000)is more populated than Bogotá(8,600,000)

  20. Judit Says:

    1.Toshkent is more populated than Urumqi
    2.Kampala is more populated than Amsterdam
    3.Makkah is more populated than Ghazzah

  21. india16 Says:

    Rodrigo its the tallest of the class.
    Emili is older than Maria.
    I am the best of the world.
    Maria the Power Point doesn’t work.

  22. neus Says:

    adventurous:my oncle is adventurous
    brave:my cousin and my grandma are brave
    original:I have a friend and the(modelo)of dressing are original.
    lively:my little dog is lively

  23. zandalie Says:

    -My bike is bigger than my brother’s bike.
    -My uncle is fattest than my cosin.
    -Sponge Bob is shorter than Pattrick.
    -The Barça is better than the Madrid.

  24. Daryl Says:

    We (all the students of 2 eso e) are upbeat.
    We want to be dependable.
    In every desicion we want to be determined.
    I am so zany.

  25. andrea199762 Says:

    I am Andrea Cuervo.
    All the classes are interesting.
    I’m very imaginative.
    I tallest the Aina.

  26. jlny7288 Says:

    1. Tokio(34,000,000) is more populated than Lima( 9,050,000).
    2. Paris(10,400,000) is more populated than Santiago(6,000,000)
    3. Valencia( 1,660,000) is less populated than New York(22,200,000)

  27. gabi Says:

    1.Pekin (china) is more populated than Madrid (spain).
    2.Brasilia (brazil) is less populated than Hong Kong (china).
    3.Australia is more populated than New York (EEUU)

  28. pepe1997 Says:


  29. Pilar Says:

    Shangai is more populated than Tokyo.
    Moscow is more populated than London.
    Berlin is more populated than Madrid.

  30. sarah789 Says:

    My dog is happy when I put the food.
    The ”Mamma Mia!” musical was memorable.
    My sister is young because she have nine years old.
    The canaries make a very sharp sense for the earthquakes.

    HAPPY: contento, alegre
    MEMORABLE: memorable
    YOUNG: joven
    SHARP: agudo

  31. judit Says:

    Inteligent: inteligente
    Tolerant: tolerante
    Honest: honesto
    Loyal: leal

    – Einstain was a very inteligent person
    – My father is very tolerant
    – My grandmother is very honest person
    – A dog is very loyal

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