1.en.5. Whistling, more than blowing air through your lips

Last Friday we read an article from The Daily Bulletin about  whistling  and Sara was the absolute winner of the whistling  competition that took place in our class. Gabriel, despite being from the Canary islands, was not as good as other class mates at this amazing way of communication.

Look at this promotional video about silbo and answer the following questions.

1) What are the advantages of whistling versus mobile phones?

2) Can you say “Hello” in silbo?

3) What’s is the relationship between the landscape of Gomera and silbo?

4) Can a teacher  call the register  by whistling?

5) Do you think it is a good idea to teach silbo at schools? why?

You can visit busuu.com site , the people who are responsible for making the video to find out what their site is about.

Homework for Tuesday 27th

Copy the answers to the questions in your notebook

Post to the blog answers to the next four questions:

  • Can you whistle?
  • What are some of the situations when people whistle?
  • Did you find the article in the newspaper interesting?
  • Did you like the silbo video?

22 Respostes to “1.en.5. Whistling, more than blowing air through your lips”

  1. carlos garavi yepez Says:

    1). yes
    2). when you want call atention and make a compliment…
    3). a little bit.
    4). yes! very much

  2. philline Says:

    1) No.
    2) When someone does not like or like something, or only to call attention
    3) It was interesting.
    4) Yes, now i know more things about the Silbo in Gomera

  3. Emil Says:

    1) Not.
    2) When the people are very far and want communication.
    3) Yes, littel.
    4) Yes , it was very interesting about the silbo.

  4. guillemfurio Says:

    When you call your dog.
    Yes a little.

  5. Daryl Says:

    Yes, I can.
    When someone calls to somebody.
    Yes, it was.
    Yes, I want to learn.

  6. tatidt Says:

    1 Yes
    2 When you want to call atencion
    3 Yes, but not very much.
    4 Well, it’s not the best video I saw from Silbo but it was interesting and I learnt new things

  7. andrea199762 Says:

    1. Yes.
    2. When some people calls somebody.
    3. Yes, it was interesting.
    4. Yes, I like very much.

  8. india16 Says:

    1 Yes
    2 When you want to call atencion.
    3 Yes, very much.
    4 Yes, very very much.

  9. aina Says:

    1.Np, I don’t.
    2.To call someone.
    3.Yes, but a little boring.
    4. Yes, I like.

  10. Peptoni Font Says:

    1. No
    2. When you are no listening, you whistle.
    3. Yes, a little
    4. Yes, the silbo gomera is interesting and funny.

  11. neus Says:

    1. no
    2. when you don`t listen you whistle
    3. no
    4. ye, is interesting

  12. idaira13 Says:

    2.when you call atencion
    4.yes,i like

  13. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    – Yes, I can.
    – When you want call a animal.
    – Yes.
    – Yes, very much.

  14. Sarah Borras Says:

    1- Yes, I can
    2- When it wants to call someone or in some occasions to communicate.
    3- Yes, a little.
    4- Yes, is good.

  15. angelblanch Says:

    1 Yes, I can.
    2 When you want that another pearson listen to you.
    3 No very much.
    4 I liked a lot.

  16. xisco Says:

    1- Yes I can.
    2- When we need call somebody.
    3- Yes.
    4- Yes, is good.

  17. mealemany Says:

    1. yes I can. I whistle very loud!!
    2. when they want attention or to call someone.
    3. yes it was.
    4.yes is very interesant and is a new thing for as.

  18. Pepe Says:

    1)Yes I can
    2)When you see a beautiful woman or for to call one friend.
    4)Yes i like very much and canaries is very funny.

  19. jlny7288 Says:

    1) Yes.
    2) When you want call somebody.
    3) Yes.
    4) Yes, a lot.

  20. Pilar Says:

    1) Yes.
    2)When you call somebody.

  21. juditell Says:

    – Yes, I can
    – In a football match
    – Yes, it was very interesting
    – Yes, a lot

  22. Gabi Says:

    1_ No, I can’t.
    2_In a concert.
    4_No, because they don’t speak in canary language.

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