1.en.4. ozone layer, forest layers and deforestation

This year we set off with a visit to  an exhibition on the importance of  forests and by the end of this term we shall go on a school outing to the Bellver forest  to investigate IRL= in real life what we have been working on during lessons. You have already started working on this topic and prepared a power point presentation, answering the questions of your dossier.

Emily has made a post on the Ozone layer. Forests and deforestation are also connected with this topic.

1) Do you know why?

2) Can you think of any reasons?

In the exhibition at La Caixa you saw a display of the different layers the soil forest is made of, now we’ll have a look a at the different layers of the tropical rain forest.

You can visit this site and find out how to say these terms in Spanish.

Watch  this Greenpeace video on the Amazon rain forest and find out some of the threats that the Amazon rain forest is facing. You will also learn about the relationship between deforestation and greenhouse gases

Some words you will hear in the video:

drought= sequía, sequera

1.a period of dry weather, esp. a long one that is injurious to crops.

1) What has happened to rivers

a) they carry more water

b) they carry less water

2)Deforestation is responsible for

a) 1/2  (half) of global greenhouse gases

b) 1/3 ( a third) of global greenhouse gases

c) 1/4 ( a quater  ) of global greenhouse gases

3) What is the percentage of Brazilian emissions that comes from burning and cutting down forest ?

a) 25%

b) 50%

c) 75%

4) What is the relation between CO2 emissions and deforestation?

5) Fewer trees means

a)  less moisture rises into the air, less clouds, less rain back into the forest

b) more moisture rises into the air, more clouds, more rain back into the forest.

6) How can climate change be slowed down? Tick the advice given by the Greenpeace activist

a) developed nations must reduce greenhouse emissions

b) Brazil must stop deforestation in the Amazon

c) developed nations must invest money in Brazil

Homework for Friday 1st October

Copy the questionnaire  about the video of Green Peace in your notebook and answer the questions.

Post to the blog a comment to the video, not the answers.

Post to the blog the answers to questions 1 and 2 that appear at the beginning of this post.

Emily has made a post on the Ozone layer. Forests and deforestation are also connected with this topic.

1) Do you know why?

2) Can you think of any reasons?

13 Respostes to “1.en.4. ozone layer, forest layers and deforestation”

  1. emil Says:

    1) I thinc , becouse now the people are decresed the use of substance that can damage the ozone layer.

    2) Without the ozone layer we can live. For that the scientific
    search a solution.

  2. emil Says:

    The video was very interesting , but there were too dead animals.

  3. andrea199762 Says:

    I like very much the video, because you can see other situations in the world.

    1. Yes, because the people don’t cooperate in improving the world.
    2. Yes, because if we do not contribute, all remain the same or worse and the ozone layer will decrease until the sun affect our planet with more intensity

  4. aina Says:

    The video impressed me a lot and I found the dead animals hard to look at. Some of the information was a bit boring.
    1-Emili said that the ozone layer was being repaired and not like the video which shows it is worse.
    2- The situation is bad because of the sprays ans gases we use in the modern world.

  5. Peptoni Font Says:

    I enjoyed the video and it was interesting to learn about other countries.

    1. The video was very negative but my teacher was more positive with the ozone layer etc.
    2. We need to change our habits and use less gases, if not the ozone layer and other places will dry up.

  6. sarah789 Says:

    I like very much the video because in him it’s possible to contemplate the jungle and in addition learning things on other sites.

    1. Yes, because due to the pollution of the cap of ozone the Amazon getting lost.
    2. That on having diminished the cap of ozone provoking the climate’s change and produces fires.

  7. india16 Says:

    I like very much the video, it is very interesting.
    1) Because there are people than doesn’ cooperate, and the ozone layer was being repaired.
    2) If there are not the ozone layer, other places will dry up.

  8. M. Ángel Cabañero Says:

    The video are very interesting, and demostrates a big reason.
    1) The ozone layer it starts to be repared in lots of years.
    2) The people can have diseases because of the sun’s rays.

  9. Judit Says:

    1- Yes, because people are polluting the forest Ozon and disappear without the ozone layer.
    2- Sunlight will be more direct because there will be climate change.

  10. pepe1997 Says:

    1-Because the Ozon are disappear and fall. And this affect the forest.
    2-Yes because the aerosols contamite the Ozon and is not very good for the planet.

  11. Daryl Says:

    In the video there was a lot of information about what are we doing to the world and what are we doing to help it.

    1. Because we need to stop contanimating.
    2. Because our topic this year is about ecological things.

  12. angelblanch Says:

    1-Because the ozon layer stops to be destroyed.
    2-Some bad gases do a hole in the ozone layer.

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