1.en.2. Students Power Points

Congratulations to Peptoni’s grup:  Ullastre, Acebuche.

They have been the first ones to do almost every task in the dossier and to transfer the information to a Power point document.

I will upload it to the blog as an example, so we can comment on some aspects of their work that can be improved and check  the answers to the dossier questions.

Post your comments to the blog.

Carob tree

Fig tree

Oak tree

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3 Respostes to “1.en.2. Students Power Points”

  1. Love Says:

    There aren’t the assessment, and also the forget to put the question 4 of the seventh slide in English. But its good.

  2. jlny7288 Says:

    This Power point is very nice because is clear and tidy.
    In the slide 4, the word tone is incorrect, it should be tonne or ton. In the same slide, the translation of the answer 5 is:
    1. Litterfall
    2. Humus, roots and gravel.
    3. Gravel and mineral salts.
    4. Rock fragments.
    In the slide 5, it’s missing the heading and the word raizes is should be with c and it has accent: raíces.

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