1.en.1. The forest, much more than wood. First school outing this year

Dear students,

this is my first post this year, I’m glad to see you back after a long, long summer. We did not have time to talk much, as in our first day of class we rushed to see the exhibition on the forest that was on at La Caixa.

Last year, La Caixa was kind of  another classroom for us. Do you remember the times we were there? Well, it was kind of nice to set off with an outing to see an exhibition there, don’t you think?

This year we have four new students with us: Sarah, Neus,  Idaira and Emil. We are happy to have them with us and must try to make them feel comfortable among us and part of the group.

Some of your former classmates are no longer in our group, but the school is not that big and I’m sure we’ll keep on seeing them in the corridors: Llorenç, Juan Miguel, Hao, Alejandro and Johana. Jose Luis is in a different school, outside Palma, and Lucas is very far, it will be more difficult to see him, but the internet makes things easier for us, so we hope they  will visit our blog from time to time. It would be nice to get some news all the way from Argentina. Everybody can visit our blog, so it will be a good way to keep in touch.

The title of the exhibition was, “The forest, much more than wood”

Similarly we could say:

” A book , much more than pages”

“A poem, much more than words”

“A tree, much more than leaves”

“2nd ESO E, much more than  a group of  students”


1) Can you think of any more examples? Post them to the blog.

singular trees, forests, seeds and poems

On our way we stopped at la Misericordia and took our first pic this year under a singular tree. we learnt some new words:

deciduous= trees that lose their leaves seasonally

evergreen=trees that have leaves in all seasons

On Monday we shall correct the dossier and talk about how to do the power point.

You can see some of the pics I took at la Caixa. You worked very well, but were a too noisy, that has not changed since last year.

Sarah and Neus

Congratulations! You learnt how to collaborate. Backs can be excellent desks, much better to take notes on a hard surface. Gabriel is kind of a lonewolf and seems surprised.

Lovepreet liked this poem and asked me to take a pic. I'm sure Magdalena will like it too

Science and poetry go hand in hand in this exhibition. Which language is this poem written in?


2) There were other poems on the walls, each group had to choose one. Post to the blog the one you liked best. Do not repeat it, if it has already been posted.

29 Respostes to “1.en.1. The forest, much more than wood. First school outing this year”

  1. M. Ángel Cabañero Says:

    1) “A computer, much more than micro-chips”.
    “The universe, much more than galaxies.

    2) Naciendo en los bosques (fragmento):
    ¿Hasta cuándo la mano del bosque en la lluvia
    me avecina contodas sus agujas
    para tejer los altos del bosque del follaje?
    Otra vez
    escucho aproximarse como el fuego en el humo,
    nacer de la ceniza terrestre,
    la luz llena de pétalos y apartando la tierra
    en un río de espigas llega el sol a mi boca
    como una vieja lágrima enterrada que vuelve a ser
    Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973).

  2. tatidt Says:

    A pencil case, much more than pencils.

  3. Rodrigo Deus Says:

    The basketball, much more than baskets!

  4. jlny7288 Says:

    1) “The life, much more than problems”
    “The music, much more than notes”
    “The Maths, much more than numbers”

  5. Pilar Says:

    1) The love, much more than kisses.

  6. Pilar Says:

    2) Arriba canta el pájaro
    y abajo canta el agua.
    (Arriba y abajo,
    se me abre el alma.)

    ¡Entre dos melodias,
    la columna de plata!
    Hoja, pájaro, estrella:
    baja flor, raíz, agua.

    ¡Entre dos conmociones,
    la columna de plata!
    (¡Y tú, tronco ideal,
    entre mi alma y mi alma!)

    Mece a la estrella el trino,
    la onda la flor baja.
    (Abajo y arriba,
    me tiembla el alma.)

    Juan Ramón Jiménez

  7. Peptoni Font Says:

    A mother is much more than a woman
    Water is much more than a drink

    • Peptoni Font Says:


      Lo Campllong té com un bres
      dues serres per barana,
      per coberta un bosc de pins
      verds tot l’any com l’esmeragda.
      Corona immensa de tots
      és una hermosa pinassa,
      pinetells semblen los pins
      entorn de llur sobirana,
      geganta dels Pirineus
      que per sang té rius de saba.
      Com una torre és son tronc
      que s’esbadia en tres branques
      com tres titans rabassuts
      que sobre els núvols s’abracen,
      per sostenir en lo cel
      una cúpula de rama
      que fa ombra a tot lo pla
      com una nova muntanya( FRAGMENT)

      Jacint Verdaguer (1845-1902)

  8. Love Says:

    Jilin you can’t put my example.
    The scholl much more than learn.
    The computer much more than chatting.
    The love much more than love.

  9. Sarah Borras Says:

    ”The television, much more than channels”
    I like the the second poem.

  10. aina Says:

    -Work is much than a job.
    – Love is much more than a feeling.

  11. jlny7288 Says:

    The poem is written in Spanish (Galician language)

  12. angel Says:

    In a football mach: The fun, much more than the result.

  13. Claudia Says:

    1) A notebook is much more than papers.
    The fire is much more than flames.

    Hay en la basta llanura
    un tronco seco y sin ramas,
    despojado por las llamas
    de su pompa y hermosura.
    De la escarcha la blancura
    le da un tinte funerario, pues se eleva solitario,
    ennegrecido y su escueto,
    como gigante esqueleto
    bajo su rostro sudario.
    (Gaspar Nuñer de Arce)

  14. Judit Says:

    1) A mobile is much more than contacts.

    El vermell dels arbres,
    encès per la posta -dels sols hivernals,
    delita i penetra
    lo mateix que aquells verds primaverals.
    Germans, alçem els cors, que tot és bell,
    el verd i el vermell!
    Alçem els cors cantant la vida entera
    amb els brots i amb les fulles que s’envan;
    gosem el dia sens mirar endarrera
    sense pensar amb els dias que vindran.
    (Joan Margal)

  15. sara bouza Says:

    1) The love, much more than a sentiment.
    Del cel em peixen les rosades blanes,
    jo tinc l’amor del ventjol més franc
    i veig l’alba primer que mes germanes:
    só la fulla més alta d’un pollanc.

    Sola d’ansant en mes diades vanes,
    de mes germanes he trait la sang:
    em són llurs vagaries tan llunyanes
    com l’ull negre del pou i el núvol blanc.

    Tu, vell Destí, que tan soberga em feres:
    que a les ratxades tardoras primeres
    caigui del cim de mon etern abril,

    vegi el fullam que canca i s’esgarria
    i cada giravolt de ma agonia
    sigui el salut a una germana humil.

    Josep Carner.

  16. gabriel384 Says:

    1) Thinking is much more than the ignorance.

  17. emil Says:

    The automobile is much more than metal.
    The dictionary is more than letters.

  18. philline Says:

    1) A Camera is much more than a photo

  19. andrea199762 Says:

    The sea, more than de water.

  20. Pepe Says:

    1)A dog, more than a animal.
    2)A picture, more than ink.
    3)A balearic, more than a island.
    4)The Spain section, more than a team.
    5)2esoe, more than a class.
    6)The tuenti, more than social network.
    7)A lion, more than a animal.
    8)A old mens, more than old persons.
    9)The famili, more than friends.
    10)A computer, more than machine.

    • mloredo Says:

      check the spelling of your posts and take off the article “the” in some of the sentences. I explained to you the other day in class.
      tuenti, more than a social network
      Check the article “a” when you write it before a noun starting with a vowel sound. You must write “an” an island
      men, irregular plural of man
      There are too many errors. correct them and post them again.

  21. Pepe Says:

    11)A oxigen, more than gas.
    12)A home, more than housing.
    13)A football, more than sport.
    14)The time, more than gold.
    15)The suffering, more than pain.

  22. Daryl Jade Says:

    “Music is more than life”
    “Dreams are more than illusions”

  23. idaira13 Says:

    the trees is more than paper
    the live is more than job

  24. xisco Says:

    1) A dog is more than cat. I highschool is more than a school.

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